Raven's Custom Keepsakes is owned,

operated and managed by the husband and wife team of 

Clyde & Deb Raven

Deb (The Business Manager):  Deb has been involved in sports, athletics and fitness all her life.  She has participated as both a player and a coach.  She was a retail business manager, mentor, and human resources facilitator for over 25+ years before becoming a life and business coach and owner of Life Is What You Make It   She enjoys watching several sports and cheering for her home town teams - the Bombers, Jets and Goldeyes.  She loves yoga, cycling and spending time with her two dogs.  

Clyde (The Artist):  Clyde has also been involved in sports and athletics all his life with a focus on competitive Football and Rugby.  After 30+ years of service with the City of Winnipeg he turned his hobby into a small business.  He completed 3 years of fine arts training at St. James Collegiate Institute and has enjoyed model building ever since his childhood.  He enjoys watching a variety of sports and is a fan of the N.F.L. cheering for the Baltimore Ravens of course.  He runs, cycles and weight lifts to stay active.   

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